Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler

Cisco® Tidal Enterprise Scheduler is a software solution for cross-application and cross-platform enterprise job scheduling, batch business process automation, and application integration. Enterprise Scheduler provides the means to define scheduled batch and on demand business processes, integrate the commercial and custom applications these processes use, and determine which tasks to run, as well as where and when to run them - without the need to manage scripts or customize legacy tools. Additionally, Enterprise Scheduler provides a single view and point of control over business processes and the jobs that comprise them.

Based on a highly scalable multi-tier Java architecture, Enterprise Scheduler can scale to serve the most demanding data centers, because it is capable of handling hundreds of concurrent users, managing thousands of connections, and running hundreds of thousands of jobs a day. Enterprise Scheduler offers a distributed management architecture that works across many popular operating system (OS) platforms and integrates with major enterprise applications and technologies. Enterprise Scheduler can also manage complex application integrations that connect through web services via a service-oriented architecture (SOA), Java messaging API (JMS) for enterprise service bus (ESB) integration, and Java application management tools (JMX) for custom Java applications integrations. Enterprise Scheduler can be implemented quickly, allowing users to maximize time to value, build momentum across their organizations, and quickly streamline their entire job processing environment.


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