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Workload Automation & Business Service Management

May 17, 2010

Terma Software Labs, the leader in innovative Business Driven Workload Automation solutions, today announced the integration of its JAWS workload automation product with CA Spectrum Service Assurance, the business service management product of the CA Service Assurance portfolio.

Workload Automation, the evolution of batch management and job scheduling, has long been the enabler of processing large volumes of corporate data. Companies have grown to rely on the critical execution of Jobs to maintain the health of their daily business. Now more than ever IT departments are relying on technologies and processes that align their initiatives with the business services they support, in an automated fashion. With analyst data reporting that over 70% of corporate data flows through corporate batch, IT departments must have technology that correlates that data with business services, that is enabled to be governed by service level agreements (SLA), that encompasses predictive analytics to be proactive and not reactive, and most importantly agile in its ability to feed rich heuristics to the wealth of emerging technologies managing today’s Data Centers.

JAWS, from Terma Software Labs, is the industry’s first solution to bridge the gap from Workload Automation to Business Service Management (BSM). JAWS’ unique approach to managing workload by Jobstreams, correlated by Business Application, and managed by SLA, makes it the perfect bridge for this massive technology gap. Leveraging the standard Software Development Kit provided with the CA Spectrum Service Assurance product, Terma developed a connector and embedded a reconciliation layer into JAWS to make this technical integration feasible. CA Spectrum Service Assurance integrates real- time data from both CA Technologies and third-party infrastructure and application performance management tools to build business service models, analyze their quality, and investigate the root cause of problems that impact service or put them at risk.

“Terma has architected JAWS to fit into this Brave New World with a well-thought-out approach to capturing CI attributes and interdependencies in extensible fashion through its modeling,” said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President at Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “This suggests a broader role for Terma as higher levels of service impact information and automation will be increasingly needed to support more dynamic Cloud services and transaction-centric, real-time requirements for a growing variety of innovative business models.”

The emergence of Business Service Management technologies has done a lot to mature IT Management by bringing together various disciplines within enterprise infrastructure to manage according to business demands, but they have failed or turned a blind eye to one very important piece…workload.

“Workload ranks among the top components of services that must be proactively managed to ensure that IT is efficiently supporting business goals,” said Cliff Meltzer, corporate senior vice president and general manager, Service Assurance business unit, CA Technologies. “Terma JAWS adds deep and predictive understanding of workload to the CA Spectrum Service Assurance product’s end-to-end service modeling and risk analysis.”

For more information about the business value of using JAWS to bridge the gap between Workload Automation and Business Service Management, please download the free white paper authored by EMA titled ”What Terma Software Labs Can Teach the Industry about Business Service Management.