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Terma Software Labs & Stonebranch Announce Strategic Alliance

February 15, 2011

Terma Software Labs Inc and Stonebranch today announced a strategic alliance. The partnership enables Stonebranch to resell Terma’s market leading Workload Analytics solution, JAWS, with Stonebranch’s OpsWise Automation Center, the most modern job scheduler on the market. The combined solution will bring together the ease of use, cross platform support in a job scheduling engine that so many enterprises demand, combined with workload performance analytics to ensure business critical jobs complete on time, in accordance with their service level agreement (SLA).

“I’m excited to see two emerging companies in the workload automation space join forces to evolve this market,” said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President of Enterprise Management Associates. “OpsWise Automation Center earned the ’value leader’ award in our most recent WLA Radar Report and JAWS is a workload analytics solution that has quietly been managing workload performance for many Fortune 500 companies. The combination of Stonebranch’s cutting edge solution and the rich workload analytics from Terma will enable IT departments to have an end-to-end workload management solution in true service management context.”

With the majority of enterprise data still being managed via batch, companies have grown to become reliant upon job scheduling engines to support critical business services. As complexity and volume have increased, the need for automation has moved to the forefront. However, automation is only one piece to the puzzle. Without analytical based intelligence, inefficiencies could be automated into processes on a daily basis. Today’s enterprise needs a dynamic, cost effective, workload automation solution that scales to support environments that span from z/OS to distributed systems and even to cloud-based solutions, combined with analytical insight into business, predictive, real-time, and historical performance.

“With the demand for workload analytics increasing, we embarked on executing our workload aggregation strategy to be able to provide to more companies”, added Walter Goodwin, CEO of Terma Software Labs. “The market response and analyst validation made the decision to integrate with OpsWise Automation Center the obvious next step for us.”

The integrated solution is available immediately and those wishing to evaluate and purchase should contact Stonebranch directly. Stonebranch will also act as a reseller of JAWS for CA Workload AE (AutoSys Edition).

“We are excited to be able to continue building the most innovative and reliable workload automation portfolios,” said Wolfgang Bothe, CEO of Stonebranch. “Building upon the strong foundation of our independent agents and file transfer technologies, the recent merger with OpsWise, and now the integration and reseller partnership with Terma, Stonebranch has become an even more compelling and competitive Workload Automation solution.”