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JAWS for CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition is GA

June 14, 2012

Terma Software Labs today announced the general availability of JAWS for CA 7, the fourth Workload Automation engine integrated with JAWS alongside CA Workload Automation AE, Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, and Stonebranch's Opswise Automation Center. In addition, Terma has been awarded this year's "Best Workload Automation Analytics Utility" by Enterprise Management Associates in their 2012 Workload Automation Radar Report

"The need for SLA assurance, and advanced preidctive analytics is becoming a must have in today's workload automation environments", said Torsten Volk Senior Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. "We continue to be impressed with not only the functionality of JAWS but also the expansion of workload automation engines they integrate with, especially their most recent support for CA 7. A well deserved recognition of 'Best Workload Automation Analytics Solution in this year's Radar for Terma".

The history of workload automation can be traced back to the inception of mainframe batch processing. Despite the advancements in job scheduling technology, the overwhelming size and data complexity, combined with an eroding expert mainframe workforce, produces an incredible need for Workload Automation Analytics. With the added connection to CA 7, customers can now visualize their workload from an entirely different perspective. Administrators, operations, and application developers can evolve from a job by job success/fail approach to a SLA driven Jobstream methodology, thus enabling them to increase efficiency and dramatically reduce risk of financial penalty. JAWS for CA 7 will have the unique ability to be installed in either a distributed or mainframe environment with a read only connection, so as to not impact the underlying workload engine. CA 7 customers can expect to see significant cost savings by taking advantage of the following features:

  • Performance Intelligence (Predictive, Real-Time, Historical, Business)
  • SLA Assurance
  • Critical Path Visualization
  • Jobstream & Data Set Correlation Single Pane of Glass (AutoSys & CA 7)

"We are really excited to add CA 7 to our portfolio of supported workload automation engines", said Walter Goodwin, CEO of Terma Software Labs. "Since the inception of our JAWS platform, we have always had intentions of evoloving to support mainframe schedulers due to the size, complexity, and SLA demand on mainframe processing. The responce from the CA 7 community has been overwhelmingly positive, especially those using AutoSys and CA 7 who are in need of a unified view of their distributed and mainframe workload environments".

To learn more about the integrated solution of JAWS Workload Analytics and CA 7, we encourage you to view this short video. For further information or to request a live demonstration please contact your Terma account team or email us at jaws_sales@termalabs.com.